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Matthew - Table of Contents

1 Genealogy of Christ
2 Mary pregnant
Joseph's vision
3 Wise men visit Herod
Wise men visit Jesus
Family flees to Egypt
Herod slays children
Family returns to Nazareth
Upbringing in Nazareth
John's preaching
Jesus baptized by John
Spirit descends on Jesus
4 Jesus led into wilderness
Fasts Forty days/nights, left to be tempted
Temptations of the devil
Angels sent to minister to John
Jesus goes to Galilee
Peter and Andrew called
James and John called
Jesus in Galilee
5 Jesus teaches on the mount
Not come to destroy the law
On killing and anger
On adultery
Commandment to deny sin
On divorce
On swearing
On retribution
On neighbors and enemies
Command to be perfect
6 Jesus teaching on the mount
On alms
On prayer
Manner of prayer; Lords' prayer
On forgiving
On fasting
On laying up treasure
The light of the body is the eye
No man can serve two masters
Go into the world
Take no thought for your life
7 Jesus teaches his disciples on the mount
Judge not unrighteously
Mote in the eye
Condemns Scribes, Pharisees, Priests, and Levites
To the world
Keep the mysteries of the kingdom
Ask of God, and it will be given
They will say law is sufficient
Jesus answers God giveth good things
Golden rule
Beware of false prophets
The judgement
Parable of the house built on the rock
8 Jesus comes down from the mountain
Heals a leper
Heals centurion's servant
Heals Peter's mother
Heals many
Commands to depart
Scribe to follow Jesus
Disciple to bury father
Enters ship
Calms sea
Arrives at Gergesenes
Sends devils into swine
City asks Jesus to depart.
9 Jesus goes to his own city
Forgives man's sin and heals palsy
Calls Matthew
Jesus eats with publicans and sinners
Pharisee question
Disciple of John questions why disciples do not fast
Pharisees question why Jesus will not accept their baptism
Parable of new cloth in old garment
Parable of new wine in old bottles
Jesus called to heal rulers' daughter
Woman with issue of blood touches Jesus' garment
Jesus heals ruler's daughter
Heals two blind men
Heals dumb man posessed wiht a devil
Jesus goes about preaching gospel.
10 Christ gives the twelve power over unclean spirits
Twelve apostles named
Commandments to the twelve
Go to the house of Israel
Provide not for the journey
Kingdom of heaven at hand
Freely give
On entering towns and houses
Be wise and harmless
On persecution
Disciple not above his master
Preach openly
Fear not those able to kill the body
Confess Christ before men
Not sent to send peace
Who is not worthy
He who saves, loses life
He who receives apostle, prophet, righteous man
Whoever giveth shall receive reward
11 Jesus departs to teach in disciples' cities
John sends two disciples to question Jesus
Jesus' answer
Jesus questions multitude about Johns' ministry
Jesus names John as Elias; kingdom of heaven suffers violence
Generation likened to children calling
Jesus upbraids cities where mighty works were done
Voice from heaven
No man knows the father, save te Son
Come to Jesus and he will give you rest
12 Jesus disciples goes through corn and eat; Pharisees accuse of breaking Sabbath
Jesus heals man with withered hand; asked lawfulness of healing on Sabbath
Pharisees hold council to destroy Jesus; he withdraws
Isaiah 42 fulfillment
Jesus heals one posessed with a devil
Pharisees accuse him of casting out by Beelzebub; Jesus answer


Malachi Mark