Doctrine and Covenants

Section 133

To the Church:
Having given to the general missionary needs of the church and the condition of the Quorum of Twelve much thought and prayer, I am permitted to say to the church by way of instruction, through inspiration received:

1 Let Francis M. Sheehy and Peter Andersen be released from the Quorum of Twelve; and to fill the vacancies created by these releases let Myron a McConley and Thomas W. Williams be ordained apostles.

2a Let the Quorum of Twelve be admonished that to discharge the responsibilities of the burden of the missionary work upon them, they should in humility before God and in sincerity of purpose apply themselves to this great task with unreserved devotion. The work in this line must be hastened.

2b Let them not be unduly concerned with the work of the standing ministry, only as they shall be directed by the Presidency therein; and let contention cease concerning the prerogatives of the leading quorums.

2c The work awaiting the efforts of the missionary forces is great and there is no time for contentions.

2d Let the apostles move out, as they have in the past been directed, in the task of taking to the peoples of the world the message of peace, and they shall find comfort and satisfaction in their labors.

Frederick M. Smith
President of the Church.
April 7, 1920

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